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Me and my flabby ways and trash can and the in betweens. I can see some improvements on the belly. Two months and I’ve lose about 6lbs already. Still a long way to go and the thing is I’m not on diet. I still eat what I want, just that I have to be consistent on practicing yoga :) #tripping #asian #pinay #chubby

I must be going crazy for smiling and being happy just be looking at photos. There is no way in a million life years that I’ll get to meet that one person who I always end up seeing from a far but never got to introduce myself for a handshake. I think life is weird. Perhaps certain moments is but whichever it is, I am glad that a simple photo can bring in so much madness and smile in my heart. #cosTheresOnlyOneJoseInMyLifepjp

If you ever wonder why I never slimmed down - it’s because of this. I rarely buy my own food. When I do, I stick to basic salad, ramen and pasta ingredients. My mother on the other hand thinks that those are junks and these are the real food. And believe it or not my pantry closet if maxed with things every fat girl could wish for. #blessed #food #foodie #everydaycheatday #whyIamFat

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